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  President Trump Signs Womens Suffrage Commemorative Coin Act  CSPAN  November 28, 2019 2:53am-3:05am EST

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signed a bill that directs the treasury department to mentor coins honoring several activists. it also included remarks from administrative officials and members of, congress -- members of congress. >> thank you very much. it a few moments, i'll be signing into law the women's suffrage commemorative coin act. this directs the treasury department to issue 400,000 one dollars several coins that may -- in a commemoration of women securing the line to about heard we are pleased to be joined on special occasion secretary elaine chao. by acting deputy sigourney kate mcgregor administrator emily
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murphy, and chairman marianne connor. senator marsha blackburn who has been doing an incredible job and represented liz cheney. would you say what you just told me. >> wyoming first place where women had the right to vote on earth. >> number one. also with us are members of the women's suffrage commission. the assistant secretary susan combs, president of independent ,omen's voice, heather higgins k cole james, president of the ,usan b anthony lists, marjorie the president of concerned women of america.
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barranco from the smithsonian. great names, i tell you. coins that will be issued on or the vital history of the women's suffrage movement and celebrate many of the brave heroes who fought for the right ,o vote such as susan b anthony harriet tubman, and ida b wells. the sale of from these points will go to the cecconi and's women's history initiative. we will fight for every day and every night to make this happen and we will continue to make this happen this will be a tremendous success to enjoy prosperity and equality for all
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women. i'm going to sign the bill and then asked some of you folks to say a few words. we can't wait. you came all the way back. >> i did. i did. >> good. [camera shutters] pen0o should get the first -- pen? >> marcia. [laughter] >> a great thing. you have been working for us for .ears they have been working for us for years and years.
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i know the answer for that is that i'm president. we got a lot of things done that nobody else does. maybe you could say a few words. >> this was a project that's somebody women have worked on. police was the lead sponsor in the house. gillibrand was the lead democrat cosponsor in the senate. we passed it out of the senate with every school senator voting for it in june. they came through with over 300 cosponsors on the bill. it's important to realize that women's suffrage was a 72 year process and started in new york.
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in tennessee was when the 19th amendment was ratified. so tennessee and new york have a strong history of this and we are just thrilled to have this bill. from the women's therage commission and smithsonian women's history project will go into funding we will be doing this coin with no government expenditures because we are doing a great job on the sale of this ton and will fund help make certain all americans realize what women have done for the cause of freedom. >> great job. i wanted to share with you the women's suffrage centeno commission had a very robust
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outreach program with blackburn calling the secretary of treasury termination. he got the call and i got the second call. we are looking forward to having several months to position this coin to benefit the smithsonian. >> why wasn't this done years ago? >> it started out with the number rating -- nominating myself as treasurer of the commission. then we started to assemble a wonderful team. >> please can we go ahead. >> i was going to say, thank you. it has been an honor to be your representative. one of the things this most noteworthy is that we have worked together in such a bipartisan way to celebrate women's suffrage and the right to vote. i am sorry barbara could not be here today.
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she has done such a phenomenal got great have leadership right here in our chair and cochair. it has been exciting and we look very much.educating thank you how about our chair saying something? >> i just want to say this is a privilege to be your appointee, your nominee and to work with a great team. what i really like is the zest and the energy and the enthusiasm they showed. the power of a lot of women working together. thank you mr. president. president trump: thank you. really fantastic. please come up. lynn cheaney. >> thank you. it is an honor to be here. it is important for us to remember that all of us who are elected officials, women, serving on the shoulders and accomplishments of so many women
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that came before us, i'm very proud of the strong women, my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother and the tremendous work and ethic. president trump: your daughter. she is a strong woman. >> my daughter. he is following in the footsteps. president trump: i would like to say something. >> can i say something? president trump: yes. >> i think they are underrepresenting senator blackburn. they took a page from the -- in new york and overcame an awful lot of processes and obstacles. president trump: that's good. >> great work. >> this has been a beautiful bipartizanship, that i think members of congress
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and actually get things in done. president trump: she is always very laid back. >> thank you. think it speaks for yourself. we go right up until august of 2020. it has only been 100 years. we still have never had a female president. we're here to celebrate. thank you for your low pressure. i think the four-letter word called will is the difference between what does not get done and what gets done. the leadership and some of your great team here in the white house has been working on this around the clock. president trump: they have been
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working very hard on this. thank you very much. it is an honor to be involved with it. i'm glad we got it done. [applause] president trump: thanks, everybody. announcer: the impeachment inquiry hearings continue next week. erald nadler holds the first wednesday december 4 at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. chairman nadler extended an
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invitation for the president and his counsel to appear before the committee. follow the inquiry live on c-span 3 online at c-span dworg c-span live on the radio app. announcer: next kamala harris on the campaign trail in iowa. this stop at a brewing company is just over an hour. >> hello muscatine. a special thanks and hello tonight. we have folks from kentucky washington d.c. in the house. and we have